When I was young I used to draw and paint realistic images. It was a challenge for me to draw and paint copies from real life. While I was growing up, I struggled to draw and paint as realistically as possible. My skills steadily grew and I truly enjoyed the challenge of painting better than a camera. During my college years, when I could finally create truly realistic images, I lost interest because there was no challenge left to keep me going. 

I stayed away from art for years, drawing only occasionally to pass the time. My friends and family encouraged me to pursue my artistic talent. I knew that I was wasting the talent and skills I had worked to develop, so I started an art business to use my talent. I created realistic artwork that, in time, was no longer a challenge; I was bored with my own art. I tried to figure out how I could be interested to paint whatever on a canvas. One day, while trying to sell my artwork in an office building, I met a businessman who worked on software programming. He was really interested in my artwork, but emphasized that he wanted images from my thoughts and imagination – something new and unique, rather than a copy of reality. I thought I could never paint something that would really suit his interests. He showed me work from other artists on display in his office, and said “I would like to have something from your own – your idea only”. I left his office lost in thought, exploring ideas to find out what is my interest. Soon, my enthusiasm for creating art returned. 

Now, my interest and my creative challenges goes beyond realism, tapping my imagination to create my own version of reality. My ideas never end, so my excitement and enthusiasm is never lost. My artwork has grown and developed from realism to surrealism, adding abstractions of real objects. Now I can see that I do these kinds of surrealist style for two reasons; The first is that Science and Mathematics were my favorite subjects when I was in school. The ideas of my artwork are involved with those two subjects. The second reason is that the challenges of new design ideas keeps me in motivation. It is my interest to explore new visual ideas which allows me to create this new artwork.